VFW Day2 WASSO VEGE’s kimono series stunning debut

Vancouver Fashion Week the next day, the most amazing than WASSO VEGE’s kimono series. The whole series retains the essence of kimono, that is, style and profile shape, Dresses so that shape is still full of traditional charm of the ancient charm.
And fabric and wear method, WASSO VEGE’s is made no small improvement. Traditional kimono dressing cumbersome, clothes weight is not light, and tightly wrapped body is also lack of flexibility. But WASSO VEGE’s new kimono to one-piece design simplifies the kimono wearing difficulty, Leather Lingerie use the ultra-light stretch fabric also let this traditional dress to find the possibility of real wear.

Designer SASAKI VEGE that Asian traditional clothing is full of subtle beauty, simple lines and introverted profile are many Western design does not have. Beach Dress The design of these traditional dress is not only unique style, but also in the cultivation of self-cultivation is not low. Neat straight lines and loose profile to kimono can perfectly avoid the stature problem, so that all the body of the women can be fashionable and confident. At this point, the Asian costume is undoubtedly in the style of the use of the so-called curve charm.


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