First Ride: Canyon Ultimate WMN CF SLX 9.0 Disc and Endurace WMN CF SL 9.0 Disc

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Fourteen days back, Canyon released 3 all-new 2018 women’s street bicycles: the best WMN CF SLX co2 street competition bicycle, and also the Endurace WMN CF SL co2 stamina design, carbon bike fork and also the Stamina WMN ING within light weight aluminum. All of us obtained the very first appear, as well as very first trips, about the co2 Greatest as well as Endurace within Napa Area, Ca within the weekend break.

These types of brand new versions signify the very first Canyon bicycles along with structures created especially for ladies. Formerly, carbon rim the actual brand’s WMN bicycles experienced utilized unisex structures as well as transformed touchpoints (seat, handlebar, cranks). However women’s particular geometries as well as structures experienced been the overall game strategy, states Canyon.

We’ve already been really amazed through the Canyon bicycles we’ve examined to date, as well as together with it’s direct-to-consumer design as well as aggressive prices, the actual German born manufacturer appears ready in order to contend with Specific, Journey, Huge, as well as Cannondale whenever this occurs in america within July. Although each Specific as well as Journey possess supported away an entirely devoted women’s-specific strategy previously couple of years, starting women’s street as well as hill bicycles which make use of unisex structures, Canyon’s brand new versions display which women’s-specific style isn’t heading aside.


VFW Day3 creative first presumptuous design

Kakopieros from Australia brought Vancouver fashion week the third day of the most amazing show. From the opening video to the entire series of shapes, are around the theme of SM, Dresses from the perspective of the art of this culture will make a new interpretation of the visual impact of no doubt.

Kristen Ley This season’s design of the structure of the wind, Leather Lingerie three-dimensional profile, clear lines, these full of artistic temperament of the designer of the clothing structure and shape of the understanding and imagination expressed most vividly.

Hangjun Jo to the 1920s costumes for the inspiration for the fashion week brought a avant-garde and retro visual feast. Beach Dress Simple and unique 1920s elements with fashionable avant-garde asymmetric design, the entire series exudes charming charm.

VFW Day2 WASSO VEGE’s kimono series stunning debut

Vancouver Fashion Week the next day, the most amazing than WASSO VEGE’s kimono series. The whole series retains the essence of kimono, that is, style and profile shape, Dresses so that shape is still full of traditional charm of the ancient charm.
And fabric and wear method, WASSO VEGE’s is made no small improvement. Traditional kimono dressing cumbersome, clothes weight is not light, and tightly wrapped body is also lack of flexibility. But WASSO VEGE’s new kimono to one-piece design simplifies the kimono wearing difficulty, Leather Lingerie use the ultra-light stretch fabric also let this traditional dress to find the possibility of real wear.

Designer SASAKI VEGE that Asian traditional clothing is full of subtle beauty, simple lines and introverted profile are many Western design does not have. Beach Dress The design of these traditional dress is not only unique style, but also in the cultivation of self-cultivation is not low. Neat straight lines and loose profile to kimono can perfectly avoid the stature problem, so that all the body of the women can be fashionable and confident. At this point, the Asian costume is undoubtedly in the style of the use of the so-called curve charm.

Women who express breastmilk at work are being denied adequate breaks

Women who return to work after giving birth have been forced to express milk in a car park or toilet, while others have leaked milk onto their desk after being denied the opportunity to take a break, a national inquiry has heard.(canvas prints photo on canvas canvas prints online)

In its submission to the Human Rights Commission’s pregnancy and return to work national review, Unions NSW said many women needing to express milk at work had been unable to access appropriate lactation rooms.

”When another union member requested a break to express milk she was told that she needed to wait until another staff member could relieve her before she could leave her desk,” the submission said.

”The member was forced to wait a considerable time causing her milk to leak and increasing her risk of mastitis.”

Unions NSW said the right of employees to request extended parental leave and flexible working arrangements to meet caring needs should be strengthened under the Fair Work Act. It said employees should also be given an avenue to appeal any decisions made by management and employers to reject such a request.

”These appeal rights should provide employees with access to the Fair Work Commission for conciliation and arbitration,” the submission says.

Jenny Singleton, from the NSW Public Service Association, said she had received reports of women being denied the opportunity to express milk in the workplace. She said one woman had been forced to express milk in a toilet which had a faulty lock. An employee walked in on her and then told colleagues that it was ”gross when women express milk”.

”Management didn’t do anything about it and she was too afraid to take it further because she didn’t want to risk losing her flexible working conditions,” she said.

A survey of Public Service Association members found that 77 per cent of 713 respondents said they had missed out on an opportunity for promotion while pregnant, and 71 per cent said they had missed out of training or development opportunities.

It also found that 79 per cent of women who responded said they had been subjected to inappropriate comments by supervisors while pregnant. Ms Singleton said many women had been denied the right to seek flexible working conditions after giving birth and returning to work.

In its submission to the inquiry, the Australian Industry Group said a common challenge for employers in blue-collar industries was dealing with requests for flexible work that conflicted with rosters. The challenge did not arise to the same extent in white-collar jobs.

“The main reasons for this are that flexible working hours are more easily accommodated and options such as job-share or working from home are more accessible to both the employer and employee,’’ the submission said.

“Nonetheless, some smaller employers…find it challenging to accommodate requests for part-time work in circumstances where the employee, prior to parental leave, was employed on a full-time basis.

“Many of these employers report that, despite their best efforts, the requests could not be accommodated, or were very difficult to accommodate, because of the direct and indirect costs for the employers in recruiting a new employee….’’

The submission said inflexible provisions in workplace awards ‘‘also create barriers to the accommodation of requests for flexible working arrangements made by employees returning to work from a period of parental leave’’.

A draft submission by the Australian Council of Trade Unions said many women resigned from their job to have a baby because of limited access to unpaid leave and flexible return to work options.

Many also experienced a loss of seniority and access to training and career paths and unreasonable refusal by employers to accommodate them.

So be saved ( canvas painting ) Part III

Every morning before class, the first requirement is to recite the multiplication tables or the alphabet. acrylic prints Advances the idea is the same like the tortoise climbing slowly emerged.

once Wei teacher let me go to the office to find her after school, canvas prints online I stood in the doorway, afraid to go. The teacher bent down and pulled me into relying on her thighs, pulling exhibition with my head disproportionate clothes, Mian from two long sleeves, holding my little hand, with gentle and kind eyes looked at me , with me talking. I have forgotten to speak the contents, but the teacher’s actions and the eyes are hard to forget, there is heartache, there is encouragement, there is sympathy and affection, the teacher’s eyes expressed a more deeper emotion and expectations.

and small partners we are gradually familiar, became a community. On a hot summer day, I suddenly nosebleeds, put everyone scared, overwhelmed, when a small boy heroic stand out immediately to make generals like deployment, so I looked up, a student looking for water to go, a classmate pick tree leaves blocking the nostrils. Chaotic scenes immediately ordered up, everyone’s heart calmed down.

quantitative accumulation eventually turn into a qualitative change, once again the language composition class, requiring the drawing according eagle catches chicken, complete a plug-in writing. Watching vivid picture of an eagle painted on chicks and fleshed out, the interpretation of a fierce battle to defend chicks. Wei teacher my essay as essay read in class, and then let each other pass the junior partner, the small partners are also to face, rushed rushing. I’m pretending to be calm under the surface, in fact, has been choppy, heart Puchipuchi dancing, Zhang Hong my face.

next day was sunny, but soon after because Wei teacher retirement, to leave us, secretly sad, as well as a heavy sense of loss, the future of learning, there has been an unknown confused.